Here’s a special in character bio submitted by Sergeant Major Michael Allen Hall from SG-8 to accompany his bio in the current issue of the Monthly.  The Sergeant Major has a very heavy southern accent which makes for a well developed character. Happy reading!

“Yes, suh, Cuh-n’l Reed, commandin’ offi-suh o’ SG-8 tol’ me it was okay t’ ans-uh y’all’s questions, so long as we din’t go anywheres classified.”

The powerfully built U.S. Army sergeant major settled on the straight-backed chair to get into the interview.  His service dress uniform displayed several decorations, including the Purple Heart with a repeat and a Bronze Star with a “V” device for valor.

“I am Sah-jint May-juh Michael Allen Hall, Explosives Spesh-list fer Charlie Team of SG-8.  I was born t’ fah-muhs in south Jow-jah, USA.  Mah fam’ly been fah-min’ thet theah same piece o’ dirt since the Civil Waw-uh.  I reckon mah chil’hood was purty normal.  I was a mem-buh o’ my high school football, track n’ baseball teams.  I reckon folks kinda liked me ‘cuz I never riled much n’ was pretty cheerful.   I prolly would’a lived theah all my life, fah-min’ thet same fahm, cep’n fer dynamite.

“Since he wuz a fah-muh, in those days, daddy could allus buy dynamite, n’ ANFO when he needed it.  It got t’ wheuh I loved usin’ th’ stuff n’ had what my uncle called a tech with it.  I reckon it turned out t’ be more’n jest a tech.  Seems I got a real feel fer it deep down inside, kinda instinctive, y’ might say.

“Way-ul I didn’t wanna stay ‘round thet ol’ fahm n’ th’ onliest way t’ git to college wuz through th’ military.  I went down t’ th’ recrut-uh n’ signed up when I wuz 19.  Then they wuz Desert Stohm, n’ Afghanistan, n’ all.  I went Ran-juh n’ Green Beret ‘cuz they was the best.  My ‘tech’ with ex-plosives got me intuh EOD, n’ thet led t’ SGC, n’ heah we are.”