Thanks to Amy Jacobson from Stargate SG-8 for providing the Monthly with a peek at the current missions of the various teams of SG-8. Check out a brief synopsis of the stories below. Feel free to follow the links after each entry to see how the crews progress.

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Alpha Team
“Gladiatore di Roma”
New team leader + new team = disaster waiting to happen. While exploring off world, Alpha Team finds it’s own Ancient Rome. However, things aren’t as they seem and Alpha Team is forced to fight in gladiatorial comabt to win back their freedom. Can the team get along long enough to figure a way out? Follow the action here.

Bravo Team
“The Road to Trinity”
The team goes in search of a missing attack sub, only to find out something surprising. What awaits the team? Find out here.

Charlie Team
“Pandora’s Box”
The mission seemed simple enough. It was just a little archaeological dig to help get Charlie Team’s feet wet again after being on down time. But after finding a small box in the bowels of the Greek-like ruins, the team runs into more than what they bargained for… Trapped, with no sign of escape, Charlie Team must fight their most terrifying enemies yet…themselves. The story continues here.

Delta Team
“Song of the Mikado”
As Zulu base gets back to normal operation, a MALP returns pictures of a small shelter near the Stargate and a disheveled, oriental looking man who proceeds to bow to the MALP. Having the strongest linguistics members, Delta Team is sent to investigate. The man appears to be the only inhabitant of the planet and considers himself the high priest to his god, who he refers to as the Mikado and who’s return he awaits. Follow the intrigue here.

Zulu Team
“Welcome to Zulu Team”
“Our mission will be to investigate the rumors and to confirm or deny the presence of Securi and, if possible, to find Major Jacobson. Should we be able to locate the Major, we are to . . . recover her and return her to Zulu Base. This is a recon mission, people, with the added objective of trying to recover SGC personnel from a hostile enemy’s custody.” See if the team succeeds here.