Thanks to Tavey of Torchwood Ten for providing the Monthly with a peek at the current mission.

The Eye in the Sky by Tavey
An artifact was stolen from Torchwood One during the upheaval of Canary Wharf, one that is immensely dangerous. The item is one part of four, deliberately separated years before. Derowen MacFie, realising the danger, called in help. John Smith, (Played by Jake Sjet), from the ‘lost’ Torchwood Four arrived, bringing with him an agenda all his own.

A foray into Torchwood Tower has proven to be a disaster. At the current point in the tale, they have been attacked by two different foes, each with an entirely objective. One group, strange controlled sand and earth creatures are after an item that the group brought with them; the other, an immense Earth Golem who seems to be an old Torchwood Ten member, after MacFie. Some of the team are badly hurt. One, Rick Stowell, the research guru of Ten, was revealed to be some kind of artificial creature that dissolved into sand before their eyes. Derowen MacFie, clasped in the arms of the golem, and in a desperate attempt to destroy it, fell four stories into the lobby floor.

Torchwood Ten is in retreat, hoping that they can get back to the Hub before too much more damage is done to London City and before Derowen dies from her injuries.

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