Thanks to Mikey for letting us post her favorite log for everyone to see. I hope everyone enjoys it. 

It had been twenty minutes since Mikey had lit up the stations consoles with her message and she still hadn’t received a response. Not that she really expected one, anyone likely to be aboard would know what the Grackan Alliance was, seeing as they were probably in the same business and wouldn’t want to broadcast the fact.  ‘At least they won’t think we’re federation’ she thought to herself. In that business feds were not welcome guests. Chuckling to herself she thought about the old banger they had parked downstairs, it didn’t exactly scream conformity and precision like your avergae federation vessel.

While waiting for a response Mikey had set to work on the life support systems. Since her suit was completely useless she’d shrugged it off, bar the boots, which was an agony and a pleasure at the same time. Now free to move she felt better but her ankle was paying for the limited pressure she was putting on it, hobbling from console to console leaning on a rudimentary crutch of spare bulkhead. Her ankle had begun swelling in earnest and she congratulated herself on getting her boot back on while it had still fit. Atmosphere had now been returned to all sections of the station, which meant she could actually leave the room and find out what was going on with the rest of the team.

She’d spent enough time on old tubs to know what sounds were the station and what weren’t and she was now sure not only were they not alone but they had some humanoid company. Company who didn’t mind letting you know they were here while they moved about the station, they moved with purpose too, these people knew this place.

“Right Hank,” she said outloud to her newly named computer companion “lets go meet the neighbours.” Putting as much of her weight on the crutch as she could Mikey made her way to the nearest ladder and started the climb back down to the computer core. She had to leave her crutch behind but was confident she could find something else when she got there. She put most of her weight on her hands and hopped her one good foot down the railings, slipping more than once as she descended between decks.

Any other time she would have been grinning like the preverbial Cheshire cat, she’d always wanted to see one of these stations but somehow this particular one had lost a significant part of it’s glow. Hank was a fixer-upper that’s for sure and the more she looked around the more she realised how perfect this place was for traders. Anything worth salvaging had been gone years ago, the world below had little interest in the place and with a never ending labyrinth of GNDN’s which Go Nowhere and Do Nothing, storage would never be a problem. She felt the twinge of jealousy that someone else had found it first.

That was when she heard it, voices. Hanging by her hands between decks five and six Mikey could make out voices. At least two, though one sounded muffled, like comm chatter. From what she could make out this guy was in charge, he had that tone she would always associate with no-mess, no-fuss trader captains. Not wanting to risk discovery again she held her position as the voice got closer.

It was through sheer force of habit she remembered to breath as the voice passed by the ladder access within a minimum of ten feet. “…just take care of the one in the lab i’ll contact our ride, maybe we can make a few extra credits out of this little debacle. Oh and don’t forget the spiders, those buggers cost a fortune so we’re not leaving any behind.” There was a murmur Mikey couldn’t quite make out and then the response “Fine. Just remember you promised me the morons share if I offed him while we were here. Are we setting charges before we leave or not because…” The rest of the response was lost as the captain walked away. Moving with a little more haste Mikey resumed her descent, she’d think about what she’d heard when she found the others.

Her feet finally touched down on the appropriate deck and within seconds she had a piece of piping which, when the end was covered by her uniform jacket, served as a reasonably comfortable crutch. Pulling her phaser out she advanced slowly down the corridor, some lighting had been returned by she-knew-not-who but she was grateful for whatever illumination there was. It was impossible to progress silently so when she heard the approach of someone else she was ready, half tucked behind some empty crates, then she saw as flash of light reflecting from a comm badge.

Mikey hustled out from behind the crates and shuffled down the corridor, hopefully none of their neighbours had lifted one from her crewmates. The closer she got the more she recognised the figure, it looked like Star. Sure enough the woman turned around as Mikey approached. Star moved forward quietly, not looking in the best of health herself, as they came together she whispered “Drake, we have a problem, and I need your help.”

Shifting her weight to her good ankle Mikey whispered back. “Commander, you ain’t kidding.”