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I am happy to present a special simmer spotlight for the month of March. The Mercutio’s Doctor Caressa Melanick gave us a little insight into her character and provided us with her favorite personal log, which will be reproduced in full below.

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Simmer Name: SaraS
SLA Character Name: Dr. Caressa Melanick
Sims Belonged To: USS Mercutio
Fleets Belonged To: Cochrane
Years In the SLA: 2 years
Longest Served Sim: Mercutio

Character Bio: Dr. Melanick is the CMO aboard the Mercutio. Her current rank is Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Being half-Bajorian and half-Betazed makes her unusual. She has the ability to sense and feel what others feel, and has the sense of the prophets to go along with it. She grew up on Bajor post-occupation. Her grand-parents were both killed during that time. Her teenage years were spent on Betazed. She is noted for her skill and cunning in the sickbay. She created the nanites that saved Commander Crow. She also has the uncanny ability to kick butt when the time comes to it on away missions. She is 5’8′ with an average build, green eyes and Auburn hair. Dr. Melanick also bears the nose ridges common to the Bajoran people.

Favorite Personal Log:

“The Enemy of My Friend…”
By Caressa Melanick and Henry Crow

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The shuttle approached and through the view ports, Caressa could see that the sun was out, the water was blue and the grass was green. The beautiful Florida Keys were laid out before her as she got closer and closer before the shuttle touched down As soon as the shuttle doors opened, armed guards come onto the shuttle.

“Doctor Melanick?”

She sat calmly, looking up at them. “That’s me”

“Come with us Ma’am, they’re waiting.”

“OK I have been a good girl and followed orders any chance your going to tell me who they are? She walked beside the guard as the second man carried her bag.

“That’s not my place Ma’am. It’d help if you don’t ask questions.”

She rolled her eyes. “I swear to god if I didn’t’t know better I would say Henry Crow is behind this…….lets just get this over with”

The guards shared a glance at each other as they led her down into an installation past more guards, everyone at attention. Taking an elevator down, the doors opened, but they didn’t’t step out. Ahead of her was a situation room with several older and middle aged men in uniform, several monitors line the walls all showing different scenes of the same recording.

She leaned out of the lift without leaving. “Hmm you all went to all this trouble just for me?” She straightened her uniform as she walked into the situation room. One man in particular appeared to be in charge and it’s no wonder. As he strode up to meet her she instantly recognized him.

“Doctor Melanick, it’s good you were able to come on such short notice. I’m Charles Dujour, Federation Secretary of Health.”

She gave him the once over. “Well you didn’t’t give me much of a choice and I didn’t’t even get to pack. I take it a swim isn’t’t in the schedule. I also know who you are sir. Can we just cut through the bullshit and tell me what’s going on”

He gave a slight frown and cleared his throat. ‘Very well, seventy two hours ago this installation came under attack. A security breech occurred and a very dangerous pathogen which had been under quarantine for the better part of two hundred years is out there someplace. We need your help in tracking it down and preparing for the worst case scenario.”

She placed her briefcase on the conference table in front of her, looking around the room she noticed some of the best in the field and wondered mentally why she was here. “Well one of the first things you need to ask yourself is who broke in? Why? And what pathogen are you talking about? And better yet why the hell am I here you have some of the best minds here?”

“I’ll answer those in reverse order. You are here because you have an…unique perspective on the situation, which will become clear momentarily. The pathogen which was stolen is a rare military grade form of what was commonly called Ebola in the 20th and 21st century. We’re talking about a civilization ender here. and as to who did it…we already know.”

She shivered as he announced the pathogen. This was worse than she thought. He turned and punched a button. On the screens video from different angles began to play all showing a one man army in his attack, killing and subduing the guards, and then swiping an access code to enter the vault, leaving with something tucked under his arm. The camera at the end, as he leaves caught his profile. She watched carefully and recognized the profile instantly.

“Doctor….” he was cut off by a stern looking man in Admiral’s pips.

“Doctor, what is or was your relationship with former Commander Henry Crow?”

“My relationship with Commander Henry Crow was one on a professional level and personal level, based on friendship” Her fingers were starting to tap on the desk.

“Was it an…intimate relationship?”

“NO………….Sir it was not, not that its your business”

“You must forgive Admiral Chen, we’re all just trying to figure out why he’d do this.”

“Well let’s see, for one he just lost his wife…..lost his mother………just about lost his life. That would be a good starting point.”

“His record shows he’s been through hardships before but he never turned rogue.”

I think this goes well beyond normal, even for him. She said as she began pacing.

“We have his family home in Texas under surveillance but there is no sign of him since the attack.”

“God you guys are dense………Henry is to slick for that. He is most likely right under your nose”

“Well Doctor, its a good thing you’re here then.”

“Because I can find him easy?”

“Because you seem to know him better than anyone alive right now, so it falls to you, to find him, regain the pathogen, and…eliminate him if needed.

“Your problem is who is behind it………its more than Henry, I know him and….” she stopped cold, “Eliminate?”

“He’s a rogue agent Doctor. If he won’t surrender, lethal force has been authorized.”

“Well that wont be necessary…………I can take him out without that”” She opened her briefcase and removed a PADD.

“What’s that?”

“I am sure you all are aware of the surgery that took place aboard the Merc that I did on the Commander”

“We are.”

“I can stop the Commander if I can get within 2 feet of him, that’s all I will say. It comes with conditions however. The pathogen……that will take a bit more doing. I hope that you have your people working on it. I think that you know your worst case scenario without me telling you. The Commander is all mine however, do I make myself clear……….and I go alone. Either that or I leave now…and take my information with me. The information on the second PADD is encrypted.”

“As you wish. Just bring him in and the pathogen. “

She nodded. “I will need a few things” She tossed them a list from a PADD

“Whatever you need. And I don’t need to tell you that this conversation never happened.”

She shook her head. “And if I fail Star Fleet never knew right?”

“If you fail we’re all dead anyways.”

“Yeah yeah, I take it I have some quarters somewhere and a private link……I need to get started”

“Everything you need has been assigned.”

She walked out of the room, with as much attitude as she could muster. Slowly, the Admiral turned to the Secretary. “Do you really intend to leave her on her own?”

”Of course not….have her followed. And when she finds him….kill them both.”