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February 2008

I would like to announce the release of a new issue of the SLA Monthly. I would like to thank the hosts of the Lionheart and EBBeaver for being profiled this issue, as well as thanking them for submitting their own, original content.

This month’s issue highlights the USS Lionheart and the simmer who plays Dr. Thomas Arnet on the USS Potemkin. Both sims are members of Cochrane Fleet. The issue also includes the December Fleet Stauts Report information.

Mentioned briefly in The Monthly, I would like to welcome any and all submissions of news from any sims in the SLA. This news can range from in character weddings, promotions and guest sim opportunities to special announcements about the sim or the real life players. I would ask the hosts of these sims to relay this information. This news will also accompany reproductions of important bills or special discussions from the council, with their permission, and if space permits, some genre news. The latter especially applies with the forthcoming Star Trek XI 11 months away.

If you have sim news you would like to submit, please e-mail me at Please entitle your e-mail “[Your Sim’s Name] News for the Monthly.”


Prax Jarvin, Publications Chair

This is the new site for the SLA’s Monthly. I know most of you are wondering, why WordPress? Well, it seems to make sense with how much of a “News” related site this is.

So, why this? Well, why not? Sometimes Prax won’t be able to just add everything to Monthly, so the stuff in-between can be put here. Also, this will give some big teasers, as I or Prax can give them. (Mainly up to Prax if he gives them to me.)

So, welcome and enjoy. Monthly is back, baby!