SLA Monthly (2012 May)

Apologies for this one running late – I wanted to catch the Dragons’ big news!

SLA Monthly (2012 Mar)

Ooh look, it’s another new Monthly!

SLA Monthly (2012 Feb)

Happy New Year and Happy New Monthly!

A brand new edition of the SLA Monthly news is now available – click here:

SLA Monthly (2012 01)


SLA Publications Chair

And now we can announce the new title holder of Manheim Fleet Captain.

Ryan, AKA popcornman on Ten-Forward, will take the role of Manheim FC.  Congrats to Ryan!

No, I’m not featuring the sim of the month this early in the month. What do you think I am? Crazy? Well… yeah. But that’s not the point.

Our spotlight sim this month is going to be the newly relaunched Starbase 27. Watch for more about SB27 in the coming days and weeks!!

A few major announcements of note.

A longtime SLA-er, Fleet Captain Warp has been offered a promotion to the rank of Admiral!

Starbase 27 has recently changed hosting hands and wants you!!

Elections are wrapping up, and we’ll soon have full results, but the partial results follow:

Finance Chair: Zania
Publications Chair: Brawl
Engineering Chair: Jean-Luc Morimame
Personnel Chair: Tine Applegate

The final result- Manheim Fleet Captain- will be in soon!

You know, the old saying goes- you can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.

I’m Tony, or Brawl, whichever you prefer, and I’ll be taking over the publications side of the SLA. This is just the first post of what I hope to be many, and just the beginning of some exciting new stuff here. Hang on tight! It’s going to a wild ride!

Presenting the all new Monthly!  It’s been a while with working on this, and trying to come up with the new design, but it’s finally ready!

Featured in this edition is:

  • A change of leadership in the SLA
  • News of the passing of Andrew Koenig
  • An Monthly exclusive – announcement of the winner of the logo contest
  • An interview with the Recruiting Chair
  • A review of Star Trek Online
  • Information about how to join the SLA Fleet in Star Trek Online
  • And info on the TV show Chuck

You can download the March 2010 Monthly here!

We’re also looking for submissions for future editions of the Monthly so we can expand our publication! News, information about your sims, logs and much, much more! Your news may be featured here between editions, or even put into the Monthly itself! You can submit your articles to

The latest issue of the SLA Monthly has just been published. I would like to thank the hosts and crew of Outpost Cousteau for being November’s profiled crew. Rebekah Morgan of OPC was this month’s profiled simmer.


And be sure to read this month’s “Updates from the Council Moderator” for an announcement! (One involving prizes!)


As always, feel free to submit stories, special news from your sim or anything else you think would make a nice addition to the Monthly by pressing the Submit Stories link in the right hand column. Please remember that the Publications Chair has final say on all content.


And I’ll see everyone next month.


Prax Jarvin, Publications Chair

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