I know, I’m a day late.  Blame it on life, because that’s what actually happened.  🙂

Take a look at our spotlight sim for the month of May, the recently relaunched Starbase 27!

What’s the premise of the sim?

SB 27 is set 2 years after the Dominion War.  The Treaty of Trivas System is to be ratified by a newly formed Depata Council.  Empok Nor became StarBase 27.

Conquered Civilizations are looking to meter out vengeance on a weak Cardassian Military while Starfleet stops helping until the Cardassian Government ratifies the Trivas Treaty.  One Cardassian Liason Officer became StarBase 27’s Commander

One Starfleet Officer became a Cardassian’s XO.

Their mission:  to protect the Station, and Defend the Trivas System at all costs!

Star Base 27 is in this alone.
It’s a game of Tongo with the lives of the crew and civilians aboard the Station hanging in the balance.

What sets the sim apart?

It’s run by a Cardassian, it’s on a Cardassian Station in Cardassian territory with a half-Nausicaan XO and the rest mostly Star fleet crew. It’s on a station… so its unique in every way.

Why should I be interested in SB27?

It’s Action and character development.  Just show up.  Crew assignments will be given by preference on first come first serve at every sim.
No complicated application necessary to sim the ship.  Regular crew get preferential assignments.
There will be no R and R sims… If there will be no cancellations if there is 1 or 31 people in the chat there will be a sim.
Anything else we should know?
It’s run ‘old school’.  Fast-paced with tags to keep everyone straight about who is what position talking to whoever and action, action, action.
Come join the fun Sunday’s at 6pm EST
For the AIM link

No, I’m not featuring the sim of the month this early in the month. What do you think I am? Crazy? Well… yeah. But that’s not the point.

Our spotlight sim this month is going to be the newly relaunched Starbase 27. Watch for more about SB27 in the coming days and weeks!!

Greetings everyone,

I am happy to present a special simmer spotlight for the month of March. The Mercutio’s Doctor Caressa Melanick gave us a little insight into her character and provided us with her favorite personal log, which will be reproduced in full below.

Good reading,
Prax Jarvin, Publications Chair

Simmer Name: SaraS
SLA Character Name: Dr. Caressa Melanick
Sims Belonged To: USS Mercutio
Fleets Belonged To: Cochrane
Years In the SLA: 2 years
Longest Served Sim: Mercutio

Character Bio: Dr. Melanick is the CMO aboard the Mercutio. Her current rank is Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Being half-Bajorian and half-Betazed makes her unusual. She has the ability to sense and feel what others feel, and has the sense of the prophets to go along with it. She grew up on Bajor post-occupation. Her grand-parents were both killed during that time. Her teenage years were spent on Betazed. She is noted for her skill and cunning in the sickbay. She created the nanites that saved Commander Crow. She also has the uncanny ability to kick butt when the time comes to it on away missions. She is 5’8′ with an average build, green eyes and Auburn hair. Dr. Melanick also bears the nose ridges common to the Bajoran people.

Favorite Personal Log:

“The Enemy of My Friend…”
By Caressa Melanick and Henry Crow

Please click Read More to see the full log.